Personalised, prompt and efficient

Our Process

We want all our policyholders to be clients for life, which is why we constantly reach for a higher standard in what we do

Our underwriting team is made up of experienced life insurance professionals who have a comprehensive knowledge of the industry and understand the importance of getting clients on risk as smoothly and as quickly as possible. Our service standard is designed to be personalised, prompt and efficient.

It is easy to work with us and all applications and due diligence documents can be submitted to us electronically. Our quote system is available through all major browsers and you are able to navigate and access all our product literature at the click of a button.

We want all our policyholders to be clients for life which is why we constantly reach for higher standards in all that we do. All premium reminders are sent well in advance and claims are dealt with professionally, with empathy and in a timely manner.

Personal information is an important aspect of life insurance and our approach to compliance ensures that all relevant client information is held in accordance with GDPR international standards and in the strictest confidence.

Standards & Confidentiality

Client Data

We take great care when handling policyholder information and we make sure that all relevant information is held in accordance with international standards and in strictest confidence.

Although we are not a European resident business, we are very supportive of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation that came into force in May 2018 which aims to improve client data security and reinforce the obligations of businesses that hold and store client data in Europe.

Since the new GDPR rules apply in full to UK and European based advisers, as well as international advisers with clients who reside within the EU, we have decided to apply the principles of the regulation as best practice throughout our business, regardless of where in the world advisers or their clients are based.

When we receive a new life insurance application, as part of our underwriting process we record a broad range of personal data from basic information, such as name and address, through to more specialist information about health and lifestyle as well as financial information.

Know your rights

The new GDPR Legislation

Any policyholder has the right to exercise any of the rights below in relation to their personal data and they can do this by contacting our Compliance Officer at any time. The new legislation gives the policyholder rights in relation to the personal data we hold on file and these include:



Be informed about what personal data is being held and why



To have access to the personal data being held to verify accuracy



To be able to rectify any errors in the personal data being held at any given time



To request the erasure of the personal data being held



To object to the processing of your personal data



To request that the processing of your personal data is restricted