Business Cover

When a business loses a key person through illness or death it can have a major impact on the future success of the company

A business is only as good as its people and although companies will buy insurance for what they believe to be vital to business continuity such as the buildings and equipment, they often neglect the most important assets of the business, the key individuals who drive the profitability.

When a business loses a key person through illness or death, it can have a major impact on the future success of that company and in extreme cases can even lead to its closure.

By including business life insurance in the overall business plan, owners can protect themselves against such situations and ensure the business can survive and continue trading even under the most challenging circumstances.

Business Insurance may require additional legal guidance for the drafting of formal documents such as personal trusts or shareholder agreements and it is therefore important that the business owner speaks to their intermediary to identify exactly what they want to achieve.

Keyman Cover

Losing a key person through illness or death can be a disaster for any business and can have serious financial repercussions on the company. Setting up a Keyman policy is relatively straightforward with the company owning the policy on the life of the key employee.

Loan Protection

Many businesses rely on start-up loans or financing to expand operations and the responsibility to repay them will often rest with a few key people, normally the shareholders. Life insurance can be used as security with the bank rather than having to place personal or business assets at risk.

Partnership Protection

The sudden illness or death of a partner in a business can cause significant problems, not only for the family of the deceased, but also the remaining partner. Life insurance taken out on each of the partners means that funds are available to support the business and allow the surviving partner to buy the shares of the deceased.

Shareholder Protection

This type of insurance is usually taken out by all the shareholders within a private company for a sum equivalent to the value of their individual shares. An agreement is normally signed alongside confirming that in the event of a claim, the funds from the policy must be used to purchase the shares of the deceased from their personal estate.

Business Cover

Policy Benefits

Business Life Cover

The policy is designed to protect a business against the financial impact of the death or illness of the owners or key employees. The policy provides cover for a fixed term and if a claim is made we will pay a cash lump sum in full and the policy will end.

Critical Illness

Critical Illness is an optional benefit which pays a lump sum payment if you are diagnosed with one of the critical illnesses specified in the policy conditions.


An optional benefit which pays a lump sum payment if you become disabled as a result of an accident or illness, as long as the condition meets the disability criteria as per the policy conditions.

Medical Second Opinion

Provides the life assured with free access to specialist hospitals & clinics around the world. This enables you to receive alternative consultation on your condition and/or treatment plan

Terminal Illness

If you are diagnosed with any illness that will lead to your death within 12 months, we will pay the full amount of life cover in advance.


The indexation option results in your sum assured increasing at a fixed 5% every year. This option is designed to keep your cover in line with inflation.

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